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  Every wedding is different, and considering these uncertain times, I can’t help but admire Eve and Mike. They demonstrated the importance of focusing on what matters. I admire their determination to plow on with life, to not let coronavirus ruin their special day.

We began the day in the lovely barn where Eve and the bridesmaids prepared the hair and makeup. As they moved into the bridal suite to put on the dress and make the finishing touches, groom Mike made his entrance.

Under the guidance of the meticulous Barn at Upcote Team, the guests assembled in the ceremony hall for the main event. With everyone now present, the groom beamed with pride and Eve made her way down the path and aisle.

With vows made and rings exchanged, Eve and Mike were declared married amid much cheer and excitement. A few photos arranged by Hywel Jenkins, the party made the way to the local Mill Inn for a few drinks and a surprise or two.

In these unprecedented times, I found myself more emotional witnessing this unique celebration. My sincere thanks to Eve and Mike for allowing me to capture this wonderful occasion. I consider myself honoured to have witness this little pocket of history in such a charming ceremony.

I genuinely wish you both the very best.

(Oh, and did I mention it was the groom’s birthday?)

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