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We were invited to make a promo film for The Outdoor Inn, a unique alfresco venue in the heart of Cheltenham. Run and staffed locally, the team care deeply about the Cheltenham community.

Offering a great selection of drinks, live music, pop-up catering and a laid-back atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a catch up with family and friends in a friendly, welcoming outdoor environment.

Heavily influenced by the Cheltenham Festival scene, we were invited to attend a private party. The bar area was decorated with balloons, they had some cracking live music and a pizza buffet. A great night to attend in the warm summer evening.

We were there from the early evening, right through to sunset and beyond.

Here’s a little promo film we made for them. We had a great time making this.

the Outdoor Inn, Cheltenham Promotional video

Thanks for inviting us, guys! We think you’re awesome!!!

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